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About Alan

Alan is an IS/IT quality assurance expert and auditor with significant experience in pharmaceutical, software and financial sectors, developing quality culture to target capability.

He is an independent inspector as a certified lead auditor for management systems (ISO 9001), able to identify opportunities and facilitate bringing an organisation to international and regulatory standards.

An expert and teacher in management of information services, quality, testing and service management as an integrated philosophy, he brings a proven and measurable method for sustained maturity and business advantage.

Alan is an author of quality systems, procedures, control methods and documentation designed to be fit for purpose, based on demonstrable risk management techniques.

He has deep insight into the crossover between technical project quality gates and general engineering principles.

In his spare time, developed a sophisticated remotely accessible “smart” and secure domestic intranet constructed around the Internet of Things.

Through working with those who have ambitions to start up new businesses, or to implement change, Alan founded Fun Loving Liminals to provide tools and assistance through an integrated philosophy and method. Follow the link for information.

Alan is also the inventor of the Happiness Index ©, the Fickle Finger Decision Technique ©, a guitarist and designer/builder of WATTIE guitar amplifiers and custom heavy metal knobs.

Make contact through “alan” at this domain name